Disaster Recovery

CoreXchange's Disaster Recovery goes beyond simply protecting your data. CoreXchange replicates your business systems, houses your employees in our Business Continuity Center and delivers ongoing network access that quickly gets your business back online. CoreXchange offers Hot, Warm and Cold Sites in our state-of-the-art Dallas Business Continuity Center located in the CoreXchange Infomart.

Proactive Hot Site

You maintain servers and a live backup site in our Business Continuity Center. Purchase a minimum commitment of bandwidth using CoreXchange's flexible bandwidth pricing, periodically update software, and synchronize data from your live servers. Switching over is a matter of a few configuration changes made by our expert engineers.

Preventative Warm Site

Your hardware is installed in CoreXchange's Business Continuity Center and your bandwidth is pre-configured. All that remains is loading your software and data, and your business systems are restored.

Recovery Cold Site

Data center space, power and network connectivity are available when you need it. In the event of a disaster, our engineering and logistical support team stands ready to help you move your hardware into our Business Continuity Center and get you connected.



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